Five advantages of using caster:

1. Mobility: Office chair wheels make it easy to move around the workspace or office, especially for people who need to reach across their desk or room. They allow you to quickly move from one area to another area without having to get up from your chair.

2. Convenience: Having wheels on your office chair means you can swivel your chair around your desk or workstation. This is particularly helpful for people who work with multiple computer screens, folders or documents.

3. Healthier: Office chair wheels are beneficial for reducing strain on the back and legs, particularly if you need to adjust your chair's height frequently. With easy-to-move wheels, you can easily make adjustments to your chair to support your posture and enhance your comfort.

4. Cost-effective: Replacing the entire chair is often unnecessary if a wheel breaks, and most office chair wheels can be changed and replaced without any expertise required. This makes it a cost-effective choice for many organizations.

5. Protects flooring: Office chair wheels are typically made of plastic or rubber, which allows them to glide over your flooring without causing significant damage compared to traditional chairs with legs. This can save you from the expense of frequent modifications or renovations.