A metal thread insert is essentially a cylindrical metal sleeve that is designed to be threaded into a hole in a metal component to provide a strong, durable, and reliable thread. These inserts are commonly used in applications where the metal component may be subjected to high levels of stress or strain, or where the thread needs to be resistant to corrosion over time.

The material of metal thread inserts is steel, they can fit tube thickness from 16 to 18ga. They are typically threaded into the metal component using a specialized tool or machine, and provide a secure and long-lasting connection that can withstand even the most rigorous use.

A plastic thread insert is a type of insert made from plastic material that is designed to be threaded into a hole in order to provide a durable and secure connection point. The materials of plastic thread inserts are PP or nylon. These inserts can be used in a variety of applications, including in furniture, machinery, and automotive parts, where they can help to improve the strength and longevity of threaded connections.